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She Loves Monsters (2006)


Necessary Evil cover 2006

Necessary Evil Press, USA, 2006, ISBN 9780975363546 hardback

An all new novella featuring all new cover art and interiors by Caniglia, with an introduction by Paul Finch, plus “Midword” and “ONE”, Simon’s experimental foray into autobiography.

Lon Chaney, HP Lovecraft, Tod Browning. Twenty years ago, Christopher Lake was hailed as all three rolled into one. After three cult films established him a living legend he embarked on his most ambitious feature yet, Vorada. However, fifteen years later Vorada has still to be released. Now Jack Calner has inherited a share of the film, and he is determined to stake his claim.

As Jack Calner approaches the remote country house where Lake has exiled himself his car strikes a naked woman. The body he expects to find vanishes. Bunny, the mild-mannered handy man is a secret wrapped inside an enigma. Christopher Lake isn’t what he expected. Neither is the famous lost Vorada.

Vorada ranks alongside Chaney’s London After Midnight as one of the legendary lost movies…”