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Blood and Grit (1990)


BBR cover 1990

BBR Books, UK, 1990, ISBN 9781872588032 paperback

New expanded edition published 28 October 2011 for iBooks and Kindle: see for more details.

WARNING! Simon Clark is one of a handful of dangerous & subversive “newbreed” Horror & SF writers on the international scene who are kicking the bricks out of the walls of “safe”, “established” genre fiction, pillaging the readers’ perceptions with utter, mind-shaking weirdness, & setting themselves up as the New Wardens of the Asylum.

Simon Clark writes a mean, lean, highly-charged prose that is at once: poetic, wired, nightmare-hyperreal in its intensely focussed images, & always confrontational in approach & subject matter.

BLOOD & GRIT is the first collection of Simon Clark’s razor-edged fiction.


– t. Winter-Damon


Raising the Chill Factor: Foreword by Andy Darlington
Skinner Lane
Out From Under
Over Run
Bite Back
Revelling in Brick
Sex, Savagery and Blood, Blood, Blood

Only 500 copies of Blood and Grit were printed, with the first hundred copies being numbered, and signed by both Simon Clark and the illustrator Dallas Goffin.