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Midnight Bazaar (2007)


Robert Hale cover 2007

Robert Hale, UK, 2007, ISBN 9780709083443 hardback

Enter the Midnight Bazaar! See wares gathered from the darkest of places and the wildest realms of imagination. Experience exquisite sensations of thrill and wonder as award-winning writer Simon Clark delivers a consignment of spine-tingling tales to the market-place of the uncanny. Lanthgwaite Road is an accident black spot like no other. A man is haunted by the loss of his friend to this highway that runs out under the sea to a village drowned by coastal erosion centuries ago… A writer recovering from an operation discovers to his horror that Newton’s law of gravity no longer applies to him. One Halloween he is cast into the skies where something with an insatiable hunger waits for him… Adventurers in Africa engage in the most gruesome of sports as their locomotive carries them into the heart of darkness… In “She Loves Monsters”, Venus Lake welcomes a visitor who is not only determined to deprive her of her home, but exploit a cult film made by her brother before his nervous breakdown. Here is another brilliant collection by a master storyteller.