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Humpty Yokes Award


Telos cover 2010

The British Fantasy Society held its awards ceremony in a sun-drenched Brighton a few days ago.

I’m delighted to tell you that my novella Humpty’s Bones won the award for best novella. This story of amateur archeology and monstrous immortality was published by the excellent Telos and boasts a fabulous cover by Vincent Chong.

I’m also pleased to add that both Telos and Vincent Chong won awards at the same event. Most deservedly, too.

Due to engineering works on the railway line I had to leave Brighton early and so missed the opportunity to pick up my award. I would have loved to have been there to personally thank the British Fantasy Society members for their vote, but some behemoth of a machine ripping up worn-out railway track meant it wasn’t to be. However, thank you to the British Fantasy Society and for everyone who gave their vote to Humpty’s Bones. It’s a marvelous honour: I do appreciate and value this award.

To watch the awards ceremonies click here:

For Doctor Who fans there was a special treat. Frazer ‘Jamie’ Hines, the man who tangled with Daleks, Cybermen and other horrors in the series, was there to present an award. His appearance was caught on camera, too, and can be seen if you follow the awards ceremony YouTube link.

Website news

We have a new domain, and shortly this website will have a new look. I’ll send you a mailer when the refurbished website goes live.

Book news

I’m going to be deliberately tantalizing and mysterious here, because I can’t say too much just yet. However, a new edition of one of my books, which has been an incredible rarity, will be reappearing shortly. And it will be bigger than before. There’ll be new material and intriguing extras. Quite simply, the book in question changed my life.

That’s all for this time. Take care, and I’ll write to you with a full announcement about the special edition of that Simon Clark rarity very soon.