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Severn House cover 2007

This time there are some unusual extra items to report, come to that they are probably unique.

First off: Severn House has just released the paperback of Lucifer’s Ark. This is a hard-hitting horror-thriller about psychopaths being secretly shipped to an overseas jail. The book was inspired by my conversations with real-life mass-murderers in maximum security jails.

Secondly: Leisure have reprinted a number of paperbacks that haven’t been available for a while. These are my first novel Nailed By The Heart, the Zombie-esque Stranger, and Darkness Demands, a phenomenally popular story of supernatural suspense.

Thirdly: This is where we journey through the unusual into the downright unique. The visionary publisher Steve Clark of Tasmaniac has boldly created some fantastic items. He has published a novella of mine, Stone Cold Calling (Introduction: Kealan Patrick Burke; art: Vince Natale). The story involves a group of treasure hunters in search of a valuable meteorite. The downside for them – it has been located in a remote valley that is the site of a new dam. They must race against the clock to find this chunk of cosmic rock before the entire countryside is flooded. There is, however, much more to this meteorite than meets the eye. The book is in two formats: a paperback, and a special limited edition, which comes with a fragment of real meteorite. The special edition has already sold out but the paperback is still available from Tasmaniac and other outlets.

The VIP room at the Tasmaniac website is also playing host to a unique e-package, The Calling & Other Wraiths. Priced at just 99c this comprises “The Calling”, a 9,000 word short story, set in the same stretch of wilderness as Stone Cold Calling. With that comes “Make Me Frightful”, an article containing some secrets for writing horror. And finally The Haunted Page. This is a short film I made which illustrates some of the tips in the article. The film has a rocking soundtrack courtesy of John B. Ford and Steve Lines – you’ll be humming it for days.

For more about these special Tasmaniac publications and the e-package visit:

To order the Stone Cold Calling novella in the UK drop in here:

With longer hours of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere it’s a good time to spot shooting stars of your own. So keep watching the skies! And if you do see a meteorite fall, go grab it. Some are literally worth their weight in gold!