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Lucifer’s Ark is Launched


Severn House cover 2007

Across the haunted ocean Lucifer’s Ark sets sail.

Psychotic killers are being transferred to an overseas prison by ship when a shadowy agency with a grisly plan intervenes. Shipwrecks, webcam footage of slayings, deadly pursuits, forbidden lust, friendship forged during an eruption of absolute peril. This routine sailing becomes a voyage to hell.

‘Isis gripped the handle of one door while the red-haired man took hold of the other. At that moment the lights went out. And, for Tanya, nothing in her life would prepare her for what happened next. Her world would never be the same again.’

Lucifer’s Ark is now out from Severn House.

Vampyrrhic. A big thank you for making this book a huge success and a firm favourite of horror fans world-wide. First appearing in 1998, Vampyrrhic’s gone through many printings, been a big hit in Russia, and has now appeared in translation in France and Greece. One fan enthused, ‘VIKING VAMPIRES! AUDACIOUS!!’ When I was writing the book some critics scoffed, saying vampire stories were a thing of the past. I’m glad we proved them wrong!

Marlow’s Telling: The Sea Of Darkness: Now live at Amazon Shorts (available USA only). Set aboard a nineteenth century sailing ship this account of a calamitous expedition and an encounter with an African sorceress is a companion piece to The Extraordinary Limits Of Darkness, which recently appeared in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 20.

I hope the run-up to Christmas is a smooth, hassle-free one.

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