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New Simon Clark Website


Hello! I’m delighted to welcome you to my new-look website!

Now, let me take you back to the dawn of the internet age…

I’m driving toward the beautiful hills of Derbyshire and listening to REM’s Automatic For The People. The year’s 1997 and I’m going to visit Chris Reed (of BBR fame). He’s promised to introduce me to a new invention called a ‘website’. I’m agog. I’ve never seen a website before. Come to that, I still didn’t have the internet. Back then, very few people did.

After ‘Hellos’ and chatting about the picturesque setting of Chris’s home village we head to the study where a computer is waiting. Chris taps the keyboard and announces, ‘This is your website, Nailed by the Heart,’ and there it is, in all its magnificent splendour.

‘That’s incredible,’ I tell Chris, ‘It looks really brilliant!’ Then I pause and ask the question, ‘What is it that websites actually do?’

Chris explained, and I began to understand the possibilities of reaching out to the whole wide world. Now websites are as much a part of our society as television, roads and the shoes on our feet. Everyone knows what a website is, millions of us blog, tweet and surf. Back then, Chris Reed was one of the first web designers anywhere. I’m extremely proud of the fact that the Simon Clark website was a very rare thing – one of the first author websites on the planet. Since then, how many eyes have scanned my webpages? And I’ve been delighted to welcome you, the virtual visitor, from every corner of the globe. From your home, from schools, colleges, military bases, and now I have the honour of offering you a friendly ‘Hello, and welcome.’

More to see at the new Simon Clark website

Please take the new Simon Clark website for a test-drive. There’s information about Blood and Grit 21 and the video link. Click the Novels tab and you can browse the cover gallery for a whole array of book covers, including foreign language editions of Blood Crazy, Vampyrrhic and so on. There’s lots more to see, too.

Simon says, you says

You’re more than welcome to contact me. On the home page there’s an e-mail address so you can get in touch, whether it’s to say ‘Hi’ or request visits to your conference, book shop, university, festival, or for interviews, rights queries and so on.

Is the old website rotting away in the wrecker’s yard?

No, the original has been diligently archived by the British Library. In my mind’s eye, at least, I see it being safely stored behind bombproof doors for future generations to take a gander at now and then.

Recent news

Mammoth Book of Body Horror.jpg

Blood and Grit 21 is my latest eBook. Kindle and iBookstore offer free samples at a press of a button. Also, you can download the Kindle version to your PC or laptop, if you don’t have an eReader yet.

Just out: My story ‘The Soaring Dead’ is in The Mammoth Book of Body Horror, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan. Forthcoming: an appearance in Paul Finch’s Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.

My next novel is His Vampyrrhic Bride (Severn House). More news about this will be appearing here soon.

Thanks for spending time with me, and take care until next time.


PS Be sure to check out Chris Reed’s own BBR website. Chris developed and manages – thanks Chris!