Nailed By The Heart
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Darkness Demands (2001)


Cemetery Dance cover 2001

Cemetery Dance, USA, 2001, ISBN 9781587670084 hardback

Leisure Books, USA, 2001, ISBN 9780843948981 paperback

Robert Hale, UK, 2002, ISBN 9780709070207 hardback

John Newton is a successful writer of true-life crime stories, specializing in unsolved murders from the past. He has a happy family life with his schoolteacher wife and two children. And he has a nice new home in the rural countryside. Life is good for John Newton.

Until the letters start arriving… Dark, mysterious letters. Deadly letters with demands.

And then everything changes…

Until John Newton is faced with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma: he can choose between the survival of his daughter… or the rest of his family – not both.

The Cemetery Dance edition is available in two states: limited edition hardback (1,000 copies) and Traycased Lettered Edition (52 copies, leather bound with satin ribbon page marker and additional full-color artwork). All copies signed by the author.