Nailed By The Heart
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Death’s Dominion (2006)


Robert Hale cover 2006

Robert Hale, UK, 2006, ISBN 9780709081890 hardback

Leisure Books, USA, 2006, ISBN 9780843954937 paperback

Modern scientists have proven Dr. Frankenstein right. They have discovered a way to raise the dead. Unlike Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, these gentle creatures docilely serve their masters, but the living have begun to despise the dead among them. They are disgusted by their creations, and the government has set out to systematically destroy every last one of the “monsters.” The monsters cannot fight back – it’s not in their nature to defend themselves. That is, until one of the creatures retaliates against humanity with shocking brutality. In the war between the living and the dead, a new leader has arisen.