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Vampyrrhic Rites (2003)


Hodder cover 2003

Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 2003, ISBN 9780340819401 hardback

New English Library, UK, 2003, ISBN 9780340819418 paperback

Cemetery Dance, USA, 2008, ISBN 9781587670879 hardback

Lazarus Deep is a lake that sits like a blot of darkness in the valley.

Eighteen-year-old Dylan Adams is on the verge of leaving his hometown for a life in the city, but his plans are dramatically changed when his old school friend Luke Spencer goes missing. A search finds nothing. All anyone knows is that he was last seen at Lazarus Deep. Then, in the dead of the night, Dylan’s old friend comes calling. But he’s not the same boy that everyone once knew.

Once more David Leppington, Bernice Mochardi and Electra Charnwood are drawn together to face the vampiric creatures that are Nosferatu: the undead. The desolate North Yorkshire Moors have held their secret for more than a thousand years. Now it is the turn of Lazarus Deep.

This is no beauty spot, and bathing is strictly prohibited.