Nailed By The Heart
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Stranger (2002)


Robert Hale cover 2002

Robert Hale, UK, 2002, ISBN 9780709072249 hardback

Leisure Books, USA, 2003, ISBN 9780843950762 paperback

An ocean of humanity runs from a devastating force that no one can even see – they pour northwards over the Mexican border. A mighty nation falls…

Sullivan town remains one of the last enclaves of civilization. Greg Valdiva, a stranger to the community, has lost his city home, and his mother and sister both died on the gruelling journey here.

Beyond the township’s ramparts, humanity is undergoing a strange and terrifying transformation. Fearing contamination, Sullivan isolates itself, allowing no one in or out, under the threat of death.

When Greg Valdiva helps hungry refugees, he is forced to flee. He joins a band of teenagers and discovers the Earth has been overwhelmed by a new species of human being. He and his friends are on the run; theirs is a ceaseless struggle for survival.

Soon Greg will learn about the twenty-first century curse that has befallen humanity. And that this is the start of a war like no other, as humankind plunges towards the abyss of total extinction.

Is this the end? Or does humankind have a saviour?